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As you might have noticed, this wordpress blog hasn’t been update for a while. From now on, you can find my adventures on


/afk real life issues and boredom

•May 12, 2010 • 2 Comments

I made an /afk post before and back when I wrote it, I had the same feelings as I have now: I’ve seen it. Atleast, that’s the feeling I have. I’ve seen all of Blizzard latest content and their isn’t anything that can keep me locked to the screen. Although Oldtimers hasn’t killed Blood Prince, the Vampire lady and Sindragosa, I feel like I have no business anymore in ICC. Even in the 25 man version…it has become farm work to me.

So I turned towards the PvP side of the game, arena to be more specific. I teamed up with Xeyna and we’re playing 2s as resto shaman/hunter at 1400 – 1500 rating. For a couple of weeks I had a great time exploring a part of the game I haven’t seen before. Anyway, I allready made an introduction post about it so I’m not going to explain again that I’m I was a total noob at it. It comes down to this: we’re stuck at 1500. As soon as we get close to it, Blizzard send us to Dalaran sewers, throws in some rogue/priests teams and pew pew pew, we’re back at 1350. They swipe the floor with our faces. It got me frustrated and I think Xeyna isn’t happy about it aswell.

So what’s the solution? Xeyna levels priest, I level rogue. Reach level 80, farm badges/honor like your life depends on it and own 2v2. Simple isn’t it? Yeah ofcourse, only problem is that I’m kinda sick of leveling. So that’s what I’ve been upto lately. Another secret project, trying to see what I can achieve with a new class. Not sure if it will works out. I always promised to never ever play a rogue…I fail. But I’ll promise I won’t do PvE with it…really, I will not raid with a rogue. Unless ofcourse I need some weapons for pvp. But beside that, no pve. Or maybe for emblems, but that’s really it!

Besides WoW I’m planning to move to my fresh build house together with my favorite boss. A lot of work has been done allready but we still need to finish a lot of stuff. So WoW time is limited and I’m not sure what the effect will be in the future.

That’s it for me so far, I don’t have the time to write some more. Don’t blame me…

Introducing FugarUI

•April 21, 2010 • 1 Comment

Ah yes, finally I started to write this post. I had this one in mind since the start of my blog but now I finally feel I’m ready for it. One of the things I enjoy myself the most with is creating a user friendly UI that makes my life a bit easier. I can spend a whole day reading on or to check what other people are using, what addons could be useful, how are addons configured and is it possible to add your own taste to it. Well yes it is!

We all know that addons will never play the game for you. I agree, but they can make it a whole lot easier sometimes. To me, there are 2 distinct categories if you look at all addons available: Addons everyone should have and addons that change the appearance of UI or the amount of info you get to see.  I will browse through my addons folder and let you know what I use and why I use them.

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And now I’m standing at the gate

•April 16, 2010 • 3 Comments

I have to admit, there aren’t many reasons why I shouldn’t keep this blog updated but after last night I didn’t had any excuses anymore. Oldtimers killed Putricide! Ow yes, and I’m proud of it. For months he has been toying with us and we always seem to be able to kill his 2 midgets, taking down the professor himself wasn’t on our achievement list yet.

I don’t think I can count the numerous wipes on this fight. But I’m pretty sure that the times we reached the final phase are below 5. There is a 10% raidwide buff to all damage and healing and it sure helps a lot. On fights we master, we might decrease the fight time with 30 secs – 1 min. Outsiders might not be very impressed by our kill several months behind other guilds but 80% of all puggers on Sylvanas don’t have this achievement. And that is what makes me feel proud about our work. Sure you can farm the first 4-6 bosses in both 10 and 25 these days but it get’s old news in my newspaper.

It pleases me that a guild like Oldtimers offers their members a chance to go beyond the line of pugging. I’ll be honest, the last month, there wasn’t much that seperate us from any random pug. The ventrilo chat have always been an asset to our runs but pure progress wise…we were slacking, big time.

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1 for the money, 2v2 for the show

•March 10, 2010 • 5 Comments

Fugaru goes Arena, another epic adventure in my World of Warcraft book. It’s like going on a holiday, away from all the boss slaying. “Oh boy, what is he trying to do now”, I hear you think… Well boys, I have no idea! Last season, I started to collect some pvp gear wich was mostly aimed for an elemental pvp specc. I saw some pvp movies from an elemental shaman running arround in Eye of the Storm and he was constantly using thunderstorm to shoot people of the cliff when they got close to the flag. I was like “Muhahah, I want to do that aswell”. So I started to run a lot of battlegrounds and I actually enjoyed the fact to kite people arround as an elemental shaman and actually being able to kill something.

I remember the days where my mage needed to run Altarac Valley for days in order to get my lvl 70 epic pvp set. Back than, those where the only epics I had access to. No raiding, no heroics, I was still a noob and didn’t even know there was a whole new world besides AV. Every time we killed Drek, it felt like a personal achievement. All I ever did was running with the large mass and shooting some frostbolts now and than hoping to not get cut off from the rest of the troops. Because if I had to run back by myself, there was no way I ever crossed the center of the map alone.

But a lot has happened since than and I can now say that I’m a better player with my shaman than I was with my mage. Zydraliam, a resto druid that use to be an Oldtimer brought up the idea to team up for a 2v2. We always kept discussing it how nice it would be to actually win some matches but we never really got started. Untill the day where he invited me to his arena team “Good old boys”. Sigh…I was hoping for a more “evil” name but he spend the money to buy the team so I didn’t made any comment. But don’t ask me about our banner/tabard, I feel shamed…

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Under Construction part 2

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I’ve been busy. So busy that I don’t have the time to check on new boss strategies. The new hosting is active and I’ve started to play with it from day one. It’s funny how I can get carried away, even my warlock is still standing in Borean Tundra.

But a lot of work has allready been done and so far I’m happy with the result. I ported everything to the new domain and decide to make a Joomla portal to host our guild website. It was easier to just copy paste our old website and add a menu structure than getting the website files from the old ftp site. It has been a PITA to get our forum database back. (our old hosting) seems not able to put it back in place. I wouldn’t suggest the hosting. The support is fairly fast in their response and follow up but they don’t seem to realize I can’t speak Danish.

So the latest forum build of phpbb3 sits and waits patiently for our old data to be restored. Untill than, I won’t be able to show my work to the outside world but you can allready catch a glimp from the template at the top of this post.

I was starting to work on a new EQdkp site aswell and put it all in the same database but I’m getting some errors when adding new raids. I’ll leave that for now, our old one is still doing his job. I rather see the forum online as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile, what happened in game? Well we had our first week in Icecrown Citadel with only 1 ID. I must say that I’m fairly pleased with the outcome so far. We were able to bring up Dreamwalker on Sunday and that was thanks to 2 raidnights of practice. To bad we didn’t had an extra tank or healer available so we left Rotface to rot and headed for Sindragosa. Another fun fight that requires coordination from all 10 players. Yesterday we got her untill 35% but we not every member got the idea of the fight. It’s also hard to learn it with 1 tank.

The Blood Prince Council could be another option to do with 1 tank only but no member has had time enough to practice tanking the shadow boss. We used a warlock before, this week a hunter and an elemental shaman. They weren’t really holding aggro so my healing was drawing more attention than their dps. We’ll probably do the same thing next week after the reset. Trying to clear at least 6-7 bosses and than we need some more practice on Putricide, Blood Prince and Sindragosa.

Under Construction

•March 4, 2010 • 1 Comment

Well, just to give you an update on what I have been doing lately related to WoW. I’m doing a lot of photoshop work at the moment, both for refreshing my UI and…creating a new forum style.

We have had some hosting issues lately and so the matter came up that we probably should look for another hosting company. It’s an excellent occasion to also update the forum version and create a fresh look and feel aswell. I hope we can get it up next week, if we can ofcourse recover our forum database…

I was planning to do a post about my UI changes but it’s still work in progress. I’m not totally sure that the current version will be the one I will use for a couple of months. This is on my to do list:

  • Change Prat to Chatter, just to test it out and see if I can minimize this more into my UI
  • Reconfigure Aloft. I seem to have deleted my profile somehow and I got way to much clutter on my nametags
  • Upgrate to Pitbull 4. I will probably stick to the same layout, maybe some small tweaks
  • Change ZmobDB Advance from Full view to Portrait. I want to integrate this more with Pitbull.
  • Make some kgpanels for my player and target frame.
  • Only use 1 Actionbar at the bottum of my screen. This will be a big challenge, I don’t like to see a lot of actionbars, but I still need the click some icons during the fights.
  • Omen when in combat, Recount when out of combat. I have these two on top of eachother but I want to put them in the same corner
  • Minimize my target icons
  • Restyle/place my poweraura’s for trinkets, etc…

My warlock is getting closer to 80 (72.5 atm) and I’m starting to work on his UI aswell. As a dps, you have all kind of nice procs that require you to use a special ability. I want to combine power aura’s and make custom sounds for it. I allready made my first wave file for the Molten Core proc…funky robot sound.

In Icecrown, we’re working on Dreamwalker, a challenging fight and a nice change of scenery after grinding the smae bosses for weeks. Should be doable, especially with the extra raidwide buff Blizzard gave us.

That’s it for now, sorry I can’t post more at the moment.