No more mana for you my dear

Second night in Icecrown yesterday and the plan was to reach Lady Deathwhisper without much problems so we would have the rest of the evening trying to figure out how to handle the adds. Well it turned out to be much easier as I first expected. Perhaps I need to correct that: we made it look easy.

First attempt, we got overwhelmed by adds because we refused to kill a reanimated fanatic. No big deal, the shield was allready on 30% and we weren’t really pushing it. Healing was easy, definitly easy compared to the Lord Marrowgar fight. Untill phase 2 I never saw huge spikes of damage on people. Well we lost some dps on adds, but those were personal errors. And we had a bit of luck because 2 druid rezzers were able to get everyone back up and continue the fight. Our second attempt was bingo. Was that it?

Looks like it yeah. Now, we were ofcourse prepared and we executed it properly. It’s nice to know that we soon can take in others to teach them how the encounter work. Right now, we try to progress with people who are way to decently geared for farming ToC 10. I’m allready noticing that others should be able to do the same things that we did last night.

I changed my healing a bit and got rid of the spellpower fetish I have on my resto shaman. I usually take a bite of the feast and am eager to drink a Flask of the Frostwyrm. But this time I’ve chosen to get my own food wich provided me haste and instead of the flask I took a haste and an intellect elexir. We lacked a mage so my scrolls of intellect came in handy. 30k mana and I was good to go. It allowed my to reduce my casting time on lesser healing wave with 0.2 seconds and 0.1 seconds on chain heal. Seems like details to you, but it’s a huge difference overall.

Take a look at our kill video. It might be helpfull if you are aiming to get in there and want to know a bit of the things the boss does. My appologies for the faulty frames somewhere mid fight. Seems like I will need to update my fraps again. Also, it might be worth it to put up your speakers or headset and listen to the background music. It adds some nice shiver to it…

Don’t forget, for best performance, go watch it in full HD on youtube. Thanks in advance if you decided to rate the video.


~ by mrdistefano on December 15, 2009.

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