Progressing in new raid content

For those who don’t play world of warcraft or for those who haven’t been able to get past the queue, Blizzard is throwing out new raiding content and will continue to do so for the next couple of weeks. Very few guilds are able to keep up with the content and the majority of the guilds are probably still trying to farm the first wing when others are killing the Lich King. There is nothing wrong about that, in fact, every guild will eventually face the content that they are able to face, all at their own pace.

Oldtimers has never been a server first guild, meaning that we do not compete for the first kills. We’re not slow either, I believe we are slightly ahead of the majority on our server concidering the game time we use for raiding. Although that’s just my personal oppinion. Actually, we’re just a bunch of people who want to see new content, but not at any cost. At midnight our raids are over, and if we didn’t succeed, so’ll be it, tomorrow’s another day. Just to give you an idea about our mentality.

Now, that doesn’t mean that people can’t get frustrated when progress is to slow. Not every wipe is done with a smile and we might downed a boss the first week, that’s no garantee we’ll do it again. It’s a difficult exercise, making sure that everyone get’s enough chances to raid and when they raid, they should be able to reach succes as much as possible. The past weeks, it’s hard to make good decisions for everyone. We had a good start, both in IC 10 and 25 but now, things are slowing down a bit. This week, yet another wing will open, increasing the pressure to perform better and faster.

Here’s the situation: We have about 25-30 active people in the guild. Normally, 20 people are online at raid time. Not every single person out of those 20 is able to raid succesfully in Icecrown. On the other hand, If 20 people sign, it’s hard to let 10 of them sit out because only 1 raid is going into Icecrown. So the past weeks, we arranged 2 times a IC 10 raid on wednesday. Both of them are capable to down the first 4 bosses without much problems. But than the problems start: A player isn’t able to join the next raid day and we don’t have a decent replacement for it. An other problem is that by dividing 20 players into 2 groups, we also divide skills, gear and knowledge making it hard for 1 raid to progress further.

On the 25 man version, we face other problems. We can bring 25 members into our IC 25 runs, but at the moment we only raid that on Sunday. That makes it hard to get past Saurfang because of the time limit. I’m sure we can down him aswell if we have a bit more time to do so. We could arrange a first IC 25 on wednesday, if enough people signed. That also implies that we loose some IC 10 time aswell. And what about when we reach Festergut and Rotface in 25 when no one has done it in 10 before? More wipe time.

So we need to make some decisions and not every decision will be good for all players. We’ll start with 1 IC 10 raid at the start of the raidweek, making it easier to replace people when they can’t continue. This week and the week before, we had 2 raids in IC for 1 night only and we couldn’t continue during 2 other possible raid nights. Yes, this means that a lot of people need to sit out at the start of the week making pugs more attractive. The way I see it, it will be the only way to progress.


~ by mrdistefano on January 18, 2010.

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