A Gnome’s night out

Tuesday night, the final IC pugs are made and most of them fail because all of the good characters are saved. Players eiger for their frost emblems are looking for an Ulduar group in order to complete the weekly raid quest. And what does a gnome do a tuesday night? Well he makes his way to the city, hoping to pick up some girls. Ow yeah, I got some crusader love last night, crusing arround in Ironforge City. And all of those poor teenage Death Knights who can’t afford to gem their gear were drooling all over my driver.

Gratz to Tzuké for finally completing his chopper. That’s something he sended me youtube video’s about even before WOTLK came out, go figure! Also, for all the hackers out there, it’s no use to hack his account because he’s broke again, stop waisting your time. If you really want to hack something, check out Gnomubica on the armory…


~ by mrdistefano on January 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “A Gnome’s night out”

  1. Good times. We were made out of pure win compadre 😉 This was my driving force for the last half year or more, ever since it popped up on the PTR’s. Need to find a new goal 😉

  2. Oh snap! Look at all the chrome! Bling bling

  3. Fo sho!

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