Festergut down

Just a fast and short update: Oldtimers downed Festergut for the first time last night. And we only need 1 practice attempt because the second one was spot on! He didn’t seem that hard but I must say, our execution and coordination was flawless. I didn’t expect him to go down that fast and forgot to turn on my recording program. I realized at 20% that we were going to take him down so I only have the final piece of the fight on tape. I will upload it if I don’t have another chance to down him next week.

For a full kill screenshot, click below:

We tried Rotface aswell but he was slappig people every single attempt. I really am a sucky healer during that fight. We go in again next monday, hoping to reach Putricide aswell. Wish me luck, I hope I will not need my Reincarnation a lot.


~ by mrdistefano on January 22, 2010.

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  1. That fat bird is me!!!!

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