It was time to take things a bit more seriously. Rotface had caused many wipes and at some point, Kilroy wasn’t even able to pay his repairbill anymore, go figure how much we must have wiped on him this week. Than again, Kilroy might be just poor…let’s stick to that.

I head for the tankspot forums where the comments on the Rotface video guide had reached a 5th page. I’ve started to read all comments and found out that the application of infections by rotface weren’t based on boss health but on an actual timer. After 2 min 53 seconds in the fight, every 6 seconds, a player would get infected. This was our panic moment during our previous attempts. We needed to do everything about it to maximize our dps time during those first 3 minutes in order to minimize the ooze flood.

And that was the only thing we changed actually, just let the first 4-6 infections drop of by themselves and just stand still to dps and heal as long as possible. Heroism was used from the start. It was the third evening we faced Rotface this week but the second attempt was the right one. Boss went down with a smack. In the final 15 seconds, we lost 2 people and Kilroy even managed to die after the boss was down due to the ooze explosion. Ouch, even more repairbill.

This time, I’ve succeeded to start recording at the beginning of the fight so I got the whole encounter on video. Take a look at the result after the break.


~ by mrdistefano on January 27, 2010.

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