Achievement hunting

Hey there, how are my fans doing? Actually, I’d better write “fan”…

Achievements! Those tiny boxes you see flashing at the bottom of your screen every time you completed something special. Well, special…you don’t really need to do a lot of stuff to earn your first achievements. Level untill 10, explore your starting zone, get a vanity pet, etc. It’s all fairly simple.

I never really focused on those achievements. I do believe it’s a nice addition to the game because a lot of people are now exploring a part of WoW that otherwise would have been forgotten and left to rot. But Blizzard does a nice job to keep all of their content alive wich they created during the years. Every day, at least 1 raid is formed to visit some old raid instance like Mount Hiyal or Molten Core. I wasn’t really a dedicated player during the release of those places and now you get a chance to see them. I was in a “Battle for Mount Hiyal” run this week. It was pretty nice to see how the encounters were develloped during those days. I can imagine how 40 players had struggled weeks to get to the final boss.

Some people spend a lot of time to farm those achievements. It’s like they are addicted to that popup box. I sometimes ask myself how bored those persons must be if you see a achievement announcement every hour. It actually requires a lot of planning and research, especially if you start to go for achievements that require some more work or multiple players to help you.

I was browsing my screenshot map last night and realized that I had earned quiet some achievements myself the past weeks. I’m still leveling my warlock and I do that by joining random dungeons. It gives me some decent gear that helps me level, you get to see dungeons you’ve never been before and every run is 25% of your expierience bar. After every dungeon, I got an achievement. But than came Black Rock Depths. Damn, the time I have spend in there, exploring every corner, opened every door, downed every mob,…just to have some idea of where we were in that huge instance. The only time I did get an achievement in there was when Pieonhere boosted me and Holymojo’s druid. A dangerous place to walk thrue.

There is a lot more to come after the break…

My warlock is close to level 65, I just got my Incinerate spell and I really start to like the abilities of the warlock. Every pull I do about 40% of the overall damage. That’s probably because I stacked about 80 spellpower onto my pants. More about my new upcomming 80 later on.

It was actually Fugaru who earned the most achievement points lately. I got exalted with the Ashen Verdict, the faction you’ll find in Icecrown Citadel. I think I’m actually the first person in Oldtimers to get it so I guess the numerous rep runs payed off.

It allowed me to get the healing ring (ilvl 277) and an extra haste gem. Pretty nice upgrade if you ask me. And by the way, we’re doing pretty good in there: Oldtimers killed Saurfang in 25, not as easy as it looked I must say. And it’s save to say that Festergut and Rotface are part of my weekly farmtour. Last night we even got a weekly raid quest in there wich gave me extra frost emblems, the 3rd Tier 10 item is getting closer altough I still doubt if I shouldn’t get the totem first. I hope we can get some progress now on Putricide and Blood Prince Council and I think the removal of the limited attempts can help us with that. After all, we are still wiping champions when it comes to progress.

And ofcourse a new world event has started this week, Love is in the air, the Valentine event. I decided to do the starting questline wich leads to the boss encounter in Shadowfang keep. I did it because sooner or later Tzuké will ask if I can join him for the achievement. He’s a real hunter and I believe he only needs to finish this event to get “What a long strange trip it has been”. Gratz to him if he makes it, that’s some dedication I will never have, well atleast not for that part of the game. By the way Tzuké, the boss encounter isn’t that simple as the Hallow’s End boss in Scarlet Monastary…

Like the achievement sais, it was tough, but it had probably something to do because Snake was in the group aswell. Well Snake, you’ve always believed that a shaman will once tank again, you better start training with your rogue aswell!

So I recieved some love tokens for all of this and actually the daily quests were simple aswell and didn’t consume a lot of time. It gave me some extra cash on Fugaru and Xiuz earned a whole level with it. So I decided to continue. I was glad I didn’t spot any cooking achievements… Last time I ever completed a special event achievement was Winter Veil with Distefano, now more than 1 year ago.

I started to buy some stuff that were needed to complete other achievements. The hardest to complete was finding all different class/race combinations and put some rose pedals on them. I’m serious, there are only 5 Troll Rogues on Sylvanas, I don’t think Blizzard allows any more of them on our server. So I was more than happy to finally meet Crafteroo. If I ever meet him in a pvp combat, he can slay me for free.

I only had one thing to finish now, the love fool achievement. It’s a box you need to buy and you need to /pity him in all kind of different places. I was disappointed to see that you actually had to buy 5 of these if you were doing the achievement on your own. It just stands there for 10 seconds and explodes, it will not return to your bags. So that’s 50 love tokens, pretty expensive. I needed to farm some more love bracelets for it and headed for Sholozar Basin. There is a spot at the big maiden who summons all the flowers. You’ll find some easy to kill lvl 75 mobs who respawn the second you killed one. It was only a matter of time before I had enough to form my last bracelet and buy that final love fool.

There was a Blood Elf DK aswell, we were just standing 10 yards from eachother and I think he had the same mission as I did, farming shards. I needed about 30 mins to farm my stuff and he never really looked at me, neither did I. I just slayed some of his army gouls when they headed for me but that was it. My final shard popped and I mounted, flew away, targetted the DK, flew back down and popped Heroism and my 2 doggies on him. I couldn’t count to 5…dead DK. Oooh that’s so unfair Fugaru! I know. And you know what’s best? I did it the previous day aswell, with the same DK. He must not have kept a kill on sight list than…to bad for him but I presume I’m on it now.

I headed for the Culling of Stratholme and /pity my last fool…

Gratz Fugaru! A new title aswell…Fugaru the Love Fool

Mm, perhaps I keep it for a couple of days but after that I get back to “of the Ashen Verdict”. I hope my next achievement is “The Plagueworks” when I kill Putricide tonight. I might be a Love Fool, but don’t get fooled by my looks, I’m lethal, go ask that DK, he’s probably still farming in Sholazar Basin.


~ by mrdistefano on February 11, 2010.

6 Responses to “Achievement hunting”

  1. “By the way Tzuké, the boss encounter isn’t that simple as the Hallow’s End boss in Scarlet Monastary”

    I can handle it 🙂 Halfway through the achievements tbh. I’m fairly certain I’ll make it though I lost some time already the last few days. We’ll see.

    I still need two or three more acheievements I believe. I’ll have it in the beginning of March if i’m not mistaken! Let’s concentrate on the love fool now, we’ll take it from there 😉

  2. When Oh when will Fugarus keyboard break? The text keeps on coming :s

  3. Well I seriously envy you as I have only been able to join the 10 man raids that never gets further then Saurfang……
    Why is it so that I always end up in the “weaker” raid ?

    • Perhaps it’s because you and I are never in the same raid. We all know that you put your rogue in dangerous places that might kill you. A personal shammy healer could solve the issue 🙂

      But you’re right, I feel that the same people allways get left behind and others are always the ones who down bosses first. I’m not in favor of “fixing” groups because it will make our roll based planner useless, but perhaps it’s the best way to let everyone down Festergut and Rotface.

  4. I’ll be returning to active raiding soon. Not sure if that will partially solve the problem or just make it bigger 😉 Anyway… I might be persuaded by the right amount of gold to place my Beacon on you Sigge 🙂 Imagine the glory…

  5. Oh and Fugaru…

    Paladin > Shammy any day of the week and twice on raiding nights 🙂

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