The dwarf is still standing

The screenshot has absolutly nothing to do with this post but it was a leftover from my achievement hunt and I found it quiet funny to run arround like that. Perhaps a Goblin could be my first real horde character…

So, we had 2 days in Icecrown before the weekend and on thursday we had some very close attempts on Putricide. We really worked ourself into the fight and after a while we even switched to resto shaman/druid healing combo to have an extra dps and it was still managable to keep everyone up. We hitted the enrage at 30% and decided that we did our best for that night.

A lot of people were still unsaved and waiting for a fresh run in Icecrown, hoping to get some more badges and loot. Enough people are willing to help but most of the time we lack healers and/or tanks to get the train going. I silently offered to go as tank with Masiv, my old dwarf friend. He was always the first to lead in Naxxramas and Ulduar but Icecrown was unexplored teritory for him. Apart from that, it has been several months since I switched to Fugaru for full time healing. An occasional run in ToGC was the last we saw from Masiv.

I was a bit shocked of his gearlevel. The notorious addon called “GearScore” gave my pala tank a 4.9k. Ouch, that’s so painfull. There is not a chance I would ever get into a pug if I needed to whisper that to the raidleader. I had lot’s of triumph emblems for him but I used almost 50 frost emblems to buy Primordial Saronite to upgrade Fugaru’s boots. And there weren’t a lot of options to upgrade from Triumph. I was glad I had the T9 2 set bonus and bought the hands aswell, it should gave me an extra socket.

My cloak was still something I picked up in Naxxramas 25 and it seems like the only upgrade is in Trial of the Crusader or saving for Frost emblems. Ah well, let’s just see how it goes. After all, I got 3 good healers to rely on. My co-tank was Estme, a protection warrior. She had more expierience in there and was also far better geared since she plays that one as her main. I decided to let her do the hard work and I would go “OT” for most of the pulls.

Trash seem to take a bit longer than usual, perhaps it was because Lovelace was sniffling arround the room for traps. Apart from that, no problems with keeping aggro, altough I needed my righteous defense once in a while to grab a mob from Twinfire. And we all know that hunters are masters at overaggroing.

We faced Lord Marrowgar and for the first time since a couple of weeks, I started to sweat again before a fight. Excitement, but also a bit of fear. Fear because I know he hits like a truck if you need to take him by yourself for a couple of seconds. I decided to jump on Estme’s back and never leave her alone untill all bones went down. And everything went well, I never really heared my “oh shit” sound and I only used my Divine Protection on our last taunt after the whirlwind. Boss down, mmm, good job healers. After the cheer, I took a look at the loot: mail healing bracers…doh! Fugaru would have killed for those, never saw them drop before…Ah well, the holy  pala’s didn’t want them so I decided to pick them up for offspecc. Should give Holy a try again soon…

On to Lady Deathwhisper, a fight that required a lot of coordination and awareness in the beginning. I was curious on how hard it would be for a tank since a healer doesn’t need to push that hard before the final phase. But all seemed to go well, about 5 trash waves and the mana shield went down. Estme and me were excellent on the tank switch, 4 stacks, bang switch, boss went down…I left a small tear, Masiv was still standing. Good job little boy.

I was rewarded with my first ilvl 251, a tanking chest. Estme allready had it and I saw that it had 3 nice looking sockets that I could fill with stamina gems. That wouldn’t hurt at all…

The boat was up next, I’ve put a healer in the canon, the birdman Felios has made his nest in the other one so that was settled. We lost a hunter on the first mage. No idea what killed him and Felios forgot to take his rocketwings and couldn’t battleress him. The fight went on and on our second mage phase, Estme, the boarding tank died…Ouch, this is going to be painfull. I was looking for a gap to take down my side first and to jump over if needed. But Felios was able to reach her and we got her up again just in time for the next mage. Holymojo and Helgard decided that the deck of the our ship needed cleaning so they went down like a piece of cloth aswell…Tzuké, it’s up to you my friend, proof now that you are a worthy healer. I think he went to the refrigurator and got himself a coke and he was still able to keep everyone up…

It was close but the boat went down. Pfew, glad we don’t need to do that again because a lot of people didn’t realize what they died from. Tzuké picked up another mail healing item, but the headpiece was allready in Fugaru’s possesion so I was happy for him. Altough it’s mail, still a nice upgrade. It will break his T9 4-set bonus but maybe you could use it sometimes.

Saurfang next, that was the first boss I didn’t down before with Masiv. I was concerned about my hit rating. On all bosses I saw a lot of white floating combat text on the right side of my screen, meaning that I was missing a lot. Perhaps I should look into it and get me some more expertise and hit. We sticked to 3 healers, just to be sure. Our dps was on par with other runs so time wouldn’t have been an issue. Again, me and Estme tanked like we never did something else. The taunts went flawlessly and I don’t think the boss had the chance to heal from his ruin of blood. I always tried to hammer one add down when I was able to, so the ranged could focus on 1 add first and the 2nd was allready halfway. Worked out fine, only 1 mark to keep alive and we got the achievement. 4 bosses, all down on first attempt. Guys, we’re doing great.

It was close to end raid time but everyone agreed to continue and have a try on Festergut. We wiped on a Valkyr and on Stinky and I was a bit afraid that Festergut wasn’t an option tonight. We left Precious, didn’t want to wipe again and headed to the left. I briefly explained the mechanics and everyone knew his part of the fight. I started to tank since I wanted to use the debuff to have some extra dps on the boss after the tank switch. I also figured that if we taunt at 8 stacks, Estme will get hit very hard and she was the better tank and hopefully it was easier to keep her up than the dwarf. The spores seem to run nicely, we never needed to get someone else into the range group and everyone survived the first big blight.

No shaman for heroism this time and we were getting close to enrage. I taunted when Estme got her 8th stack…and than I realized I taunted to soon…”9″ appeared on my screen. Oh oh, if I got 1 more stack, we’re in trouble. I called for Estme to taunt once more and she immediatly got a 9th stack aswell, I hitted my shield and it removed my stacks (Thank god that worked). I looked for my bubble icon and clicked it away. And picked up Fester again right before he was about to apply a 10th on Estme. Nice timing, we saved the day but now I was unable to use my shield cooldown again. Down I went and I thanked Ardent Defender to get me back up. Our holy pala’s needed to keep me up now. On the second big blight, both holy pala’s died, I guess they missed the spores… Holymojo wasn’t able to save the ranged and also Yeranio and Helgard died…Oh man, 1% left, kill it!

Down he went, first attempt again…good job Oldtimers. It was close but we got him. We agreed that tomorrow we head for Rotface and maybe we could see Putricide aswell. Never hoped to get this far but I was happy I could contribute to the raid and give everyone their badges for the week.


~ by mrdistefano on February 16, 2010.

8 Responses to “The dwarf is still standing”

  1. Da dworf still got it 😉 Really Enjoyed myself. A combo from the good ol’ days, healing the dworf felt like days long passed 😉 Looking forward to tonight! Going to give Putricide a run for his money!

  2. I agree it was an entertaining run, though I don’t think you can blame lovelace for the slow trash since I was battling with my girlfriend about the fact that she wanted to play WoW and I should go play an xbox game.

    Naturally I won (barely) but yeah I was kind of preoccupied during trash pulls 😛

    We did have a few close calls yes, I usually go cannon duty and I’ve never had to rocket over so I stopped picking up the rocket pack. But in this case it was good fortune because Estme died soon after so the battle rezz was better spend on her.

    I do think I need to focus more as a dps class, looking back at the parse I do around 5-6K damage which isn’t enough. I have some nice 232/245 kitty items in the bank, so I might try kitty spec again to see if I can push the DPS higher, especially since the only upgrades available for me is badge gear and I only have about 130 frost badges atm (haven’t bought anything yet). Problem with moonkin gear is that you can’t break Tier Set bonusses because they are simply too good.

    But then again, I could also level my warrior so we have a spare tank.

  3. Well I found her at my high school she’s been my girl for over 8 years now. She’s not really the fantasy type but she’s been unemployeed since a month or so so she created a paladin on my account.

    Since then I’ve had to fight to get into my own account >< The funny thing is she loves questing but only alone. She tried a few instances but she didn't like it 😛 So the part I find boring she finds interesting. I tried convincing her to level my warrior but no such luck 😛

    In her opinion the paladin reflects her inner warrior…. right… (its a Belf)

    • At first I thought wow she has to be a poor judge of character to be daiting Felios (FOR 8 YEARS!!!) but now I know she plays a Paladin… you go girl!!!

  4. “I decided to jump on Estme’s back and never leave her alone untill all bones went down.”
    Ooh that’s why there’s an age limit in Oldtimers…

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