Under Construction

Well, just to give you an update on what I have been doing lately related to WoW. I’m doing a lot of photoshop work at the moment, both for refreshing my UI and…creating a new forum style.

We have had some hosting issues lately and so the matter came up that we probably should look for another hosting company. It’s an excellent occasion to also update the forum version and create a fresh look and feel aswell. I hope we can get it up next week, if we can ofcourse recover our forum database…

I was planning to do a post about my UI changes but it’s still work in progress. I’m not totally sure that the current version will be the one I will use for a couple of months. This is on my to do list:

  • Change Prat to Chatter, just to test it out and see if I can minimize this more into my UI
  • Reconfigure Aloft. I seem to have deleted my profile somehow and I got way to much clutter on my nametags
  • Upgrate to Pitbull 4. I will probably stick to the same layout, maybe some small tweaks
  • Change ZmobDB Advance from Full view to Portrait. I want to integrate this more with Pitbull.
  • Make some kgpanels for my player and target frame.
  • Only use 1 Actionbar at the bottum of my screen. This will be a big challenge, I don’t like to see a lot of actionbars, but I still need the click some icons during the fights.
  • Omen when in combat, Recount when out of combat. I have these two on top of eachother but I want to put them in the same corner
  • Minimize my target icons
  • Restyle/place my poweraura’s for trinkets, etc…

My warlock is getting closer to 80 (72.5 atm) and I’m starting to work on his UI aswell. As a dps, you have all kind of nice procs that require you to use a special ability. I want to combine power aura’s and make custom sounds for it. I allready made my first wave file for the Molten Core proc…funky robot sound.

In Icecrown, we’re working on Dreamwalker, a challenging fight and a nice change of scenery after grinding the smae bosses for weeks. Should be doable, especially with the extra raidwide buff Blizzard gave us.

That’s it for now, sorry I can’t post more at the moment.


~ by mrdistefano on March 4, 2010.

One Response to “Under Construction”

  1. Laura gave me a nice addon which scales down the default wow bars and trows away the mini menu and bags at the bottom for which we all use the keybinds ofc.
    you can turn of and on the extra bars in the main wow interface > actionbars menu. So you are left with one bar and not with 3 like in the picture on the site.

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