Under Construction part 2

I’ve been busy. So busy that I don’t have the time to check on new boss strategies. The new hosting is active and I’ve started to play with it from day one. It’s funny how I can get carried away, even my warlock is still standing in Borean Tundra.

But a lot of work has allready been done and so far I’m happy with the result. I ported everything to the new domain and decide to make a Joomla portal to host our guild website. It was easier to just copy paste our old website and add a menu structure than getting the website files from the old ftp site. It has been a PITA to get our forum database back. Match2Web.dk (our old hosting) seems not able to put it back in place. I wouldn’t suggest the hosting. The support is fairly fast in their response and follow up but they don’t seem to realize I can’t speak Danish.

So the latest forum build of phpbb3 sits and waits patiently for our old data to be restored. Untill than, I won’t be able to show my work to the outside world but you can allready catch a glimp from the template at the top of this post.

I was starting to work on a new EQdkp site aswell and put it all in the same database but I’m getting some errors when adding new raids. I’ll leave that for now, our old one is still doing his job. I rather see the forum online as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile, what happened in game? Well we had our first week in Icecrown Citadel with only 1 ID. I must say that I’m fairly pleased with the outcome so far. We were able to bring up Dreamwalker on Sunday and that was thanks to 2 raidnights of practice. To bad we didn’t had an extra tank or healer available so we left Rotface to rot and headed for Sindragosa. Another fun fight that requires coordination from all 10 players. Yesterday we got her untill 35% but we not every member got the idea of the fight. It’s also hard to learn it with 1 tank.

The Blood Prince Council could be another option to do with 1 tank only but no member has had time enough to practice tanking the shadow boss. We used a warlock before, this week a hunter and an elemental shaman. They weren’t really holding aggro so my healing was drawing more attention than their dps. We’ll probably do the same thing next week after the reset. Trying to clear at least 6-7 bosses and than we need some more practice on Putricide, Blood Prince and Sindragosa.


~ by mrdistefano on March 9, 2010.

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