1 for the money, 2v2 for the show

Fugaru goes Arena, another epic adventure in my World of Warcraft book. It’s like going on a holiday, away from all the boss slaying. “Oh boy, what is he trying to do now”, I hear you think… Well boys, I have no idea! Last season, I started to collect some pvp gear wich was mostly aimed for an elemental pvp specc. I saw some pvp movies from an elemental shaman running arround in Eye of the Storm and he was constantly using thunderstorm to shoot people of the cliff when they got close to the flag. I was like “Muhahah, I want to do that aswell”. So I started to run a lot of battlegrounds and I actually enjoyed the fact to kite people arround as an elemental shaman and actually being able to kill something.

I remember the days where my mage needed to run Altarac Valley for days in order to get my lvl 70 epic pvp set. Back than, those where the only epics I had access to. No raiding, no heroics, I was still a noob and didn’t even know there was a whole new world besides AV. Every time we killed Drek, it felt like a personal achievement. All I ever did was running with the large mass and shooting some frostbolts now and than hoping to not get cut off from the rest of the troops. Because if I had to run back by myself, there was no way I ever crossed the center of the map alone.

But a lot has happened since than and I can now say that I’m a better player with my shaman than I was with my mage. Zydraliam, a resto druid that use to be an Oldtimer brought up the idea to team up for a 2v2. We always kept discussing it how nice it would be to actually win some matches but we never really got started. Untill the day where he invited me to his arena team “Good old boys”. Sigh…I was hoping for a more “evil” name but he spend the money to buy the team so I didn’t made any comment. But don’t ask me about our banner/tabard, I feel shamed…

Our pvp activities from last season aren’t really worth mentioning. We got frustrated after 2 weeks and we couldn’t really figure out how to cc different classes. When we actually won a match, it was probably because our opponents went afk or they didn’t even had clothes on. Tzuké joined me for a couple of matches and that was a lot more fun. We actually won based on tactics and skill, not on pure luck.

So now that Zydraliam left for another server, I got the command over a 2v2 team and I noticed that Xeyna started to do a lot of battlegrounds during the day. I asked him if he was aiming for a pvp carreer and he said he was hoping for some arena fun like his friends do on horde side. I offered him my help as a resto shaman. It took me a while to get my gear back on par with the rest. I still had some Furious items in the bank…mostly from the elemental set but good enough to start. To bad I couldn’t resist to waist a lot of triumph badges on raw gems, I could have used them now to buy a full pvp set. Well I was still good for over 1000 resilience after some gems and enchants and I figured that must be enough to stay alive long enough.

Xeyna is a really good pve hunter, really smart and he thinks about the things I forget about when I lead the raid. He knows his class and with it, every single talent his class has to offer. But he never got the expierience as an arena player. Neither did I and it was still unsure if our hunter/shaman combination would be a succes.

Last night it was our first serious pvp night and this was the result:

I was pleased. We could have won about 5 matches more but we made some newbies mistakes. We never really encountered a team that gave us real hard problems except for a shadow priest/aflfiction warlock combo. All of a sudden I got nuked down within 2 seconds…

But we were able to survive 2 rogues wich I was happy about. You never know what’s comming when you don’t see any frames apear in Gladius. Those were funny fights. We couldn’t really understand why a hunter/hunter combo would work in 2v2 and I guess after they encountered us, they probably started to wonder what’s wrong about their setup. The retri/retri combo also gave us some problems, 2 bubbles is just…mmm lame?

The longest fights are against combo’s with a resto druid in it. Whatever I try to do, their heals just keep comming. Purge is nice but it doesn’t seem to have any effect, and Hex is only usefull when they try to cyclone one of us. I need to do a bit more research to encounter druids. I just don’t like them as my opponent in pvp.

So we’ll see how far this pvp adventure will take us. Perhaps we’re actually able to become a good pvp squad…


~ by mrdistefano on March 10, 2010.

5 Responses to “1 for the money, 2v2 for the show”

  1. Resto droods ? It’s a tree, bring a chiansaw or termites 😛

  2. 2 pala’s ownz all noobs… kkthxbye

  3. How is the pvp tour going ? I myself am gearing up my disc priest for pvp. It is an entirely different game though then PvE, much more fast paced and twitch sensitive.

  4. […] a great time exploring a part of the game I haven’t seen before. Anyway, I allready made an introduction post about it so I’m not going to explain again that I’m I was a total noob at it. It comes […]

  5. […] a great time exploring a part of the game I haven’t seen before. Anyway, I allready made an introduction post about it so I’m not going to explain again that I’m I was a total noob at it. It comes […]

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