And now I’m standing at the gate

I have to admit, there aren’t many reasons why I shouldn’t keep this blog updated but after last night I didn’t had any excuses anymore. Oldtimers killed Putricide! Ow yes, and I’m proud of it. For months he has been toying with us and we always seem to be able to kill his 2 midgets, taking down the professor himself wasn’t on our achievement list yet.

I don’t think I can count the numerous wipes on this fight. But I’m pretty sure that the times we reached the final phase are below 5. There is a 10% raidwide buff to all damage and healing and it sure helps a lot. On fights we master, we might decrease the fight time with 30 secs – 1 min. Outsiders might not be very impressed by our kill several months behind other guilds but 80% of all puggers on Sylvanas don’t have this achievement. And that is what makes me feel proud about our work. Sure you can farm the first 4-6 bosses in both 10 and 25 these days but it get’s old news in my newspaper.

It pleases me that a guild like Oldtimers offers their members a chance to go beyond the line of pugging. I’ll be honest, the last month, there wasn’t much that seperate us from any random pug. The ventrilo chat have always been an asset to our runs but pure progress wise…we were slacking, big time.

But not last night. It took us one attempt to reach phase 3. And I was suprised it went that well. We wiped because of a poor transition with a brown ooze still up, myself miles away from our main tank because the ooze was on me, and the trigger happy space chicken Felios took Putricide first hit… I switched on my fraps, because I wanted this on tape. A first kill was getting close. Estme was our slime cleaning tank and she did a great job. The green oozes went down so fast that we barely had any explosions. Just to be sure, I always stayed away from the explosion to throw in my chain heal straight away. Came to think about it, we 2 healed it. Me and Jalyla, a resto druid alt owned by Jacopo…adds some extra flavour to it, doesn’t it?

We had a perfect transition to phase 3. All oozes were gone, the boss at 36% and just one more slime pool for Estme to pick up. Yells on vent: “Stop DPS on boss! Stop DPS!”. Bam, the gas came in, no more slime on the ground. I heared everyone taking an extra breath although no one was speaking on vent… I explained the taunt mechanic on our previous wipe so I hoped both tanks knew what to do. After all it was the first time we ever got this far. Pilum started and took some heavy punches, I ran away from the first pool and threw in Hero. I was still unsure if we would made it. Estme taunted perfectly and after that, all was executed flawlessly. I almost died by standing to long in a pool and I wanted to throw in a big heal on myself. I almost lost Xeyna because of it…But he went down. Everyone got the achievement, cheers on vent and in guild chat…I’ll say it again, man I’m proud.

So what’s the next step? Well I think Blood Prince Council and Sindragosa are within our capabilities. We reached part 3 of Sindragosa before the 10% buff and we didn’t really know how to handle the ice tombs. Blood Prince should in theory be a lot easier. But I find it a lot harder to get a general overview on the raid’s condition in that room. Especially as healer you are unable to see everyone in range…adds some extra stress to the fight…I don’t know. I’m not going to worry about that now. I’ll let you all enjoy our kill video and I hope I can provide another one soon.


~ by mrdistefano on April 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “And now I’m standing at the gate”

  1. so tell me what flavor am I :p

  2. @ jaco : vanilla ?
    In my opinion Sindragosa shoulde be our next target even ig Blood Princes is an on paper easier fight

  3. I agree with sigge, I don’t know why blood princes ain’t working but we managed to get sindragossa to phase 3 before the raid buff a couple of times.

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