/afk real life issues and boredom

I made an /afk post before and back when I wrote it, I had the same feelings as I have now: I’ve seen it. Atleast, that’s the feeling I have. I’ve seen all of Blizzard latest content and their isn’t anything that can keep me locked to the screen. Although Oldtimers hasn’t killed Blood Prince, the Vampire lady and Sindragosa, I feel like I have no business anymore in ICC. Even in the 25 man version…it has become farm work to me.

So I turned towards the PvP side of the game, arena to be more specific. I teamed up with Xeyna and we’re playing 2s as resto shaman/hunter at 1400 – 1500 rating. For a couple of weeks I had a great time exploring a part of the game I haven’t seen before. Anyway, I allready made an introduction post about it so I’m not going to explain again that I’m I was a total noob at it. It comes down to this: we’re stuck at 1500. As soon as we get close to it, Blizzard send us to Dalaran sewers, throws in some rogue/priests teams and pew pew pew, we’re back at 1350. They swipe the floor with our faces. It got me frustrated and I think Xeyna isn’t happy about it aswell.

So what’s the solution? Xeyna levels priest, I level rogue. Reach level 80, farm badges/honor like your life depends on it and own 2v2. Simple isn’t it? Yeah ofcourse, only problem is that I’m kinda sick of leveling. So that’s what I’ve been upto lately. Another secret project, trying to see what I can achieve with a new class. Not sure if it will works out. I always promised to never ever play a rogue…I fail. But I’ll promise I won’t do PvE with it…really, I will not raid with a rogue. Unless ofcourse I need some weapons for pvp. But beside that, no pve. Or maybe for emblems, but that’s really it!

Besides WoW I’m planning to move to my fresh build house together with my favorite boss. A lot of work has been done allready but we still need to finish a lot of stuff. So WoW time is limited and I’m not sure what the effect will be in the future.

That’s it for me so far, I don’t have the time to write some more. Don’t blame me…


~ by mrdistefano on May 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “/afk real life issues and boredom”

  1. such a sad story 😦 except for the house part grats on that! (again) 🙂

  2. /Tzuké casts blessing of interest

    Fugaru achieves 100% energy…

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